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Pain Wise

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Approximately 1 in 5 GP patients suffer chronic pain; of these patients 56% manage their pain with medication only. We now know that best practise pain management involves a team care arrangement involving doctors, psychologists, dieticians, pharmacists, exercise physiologists, etc, and that notably chronic pain is poorly managed by medication alone. Pain clinics connected to public hospitals are not able to keep up with demands for places and have long waiting lists. To help people with this condition the Green Dispensary have specially trained pharmacist who are qualified to deliver an innovative program for sufferers of chronic pain, the PainWISE educational program.

The PainWISE educational program aims to:

• Improve community understanding of the nature of chronic pain and best practice management

• Provide easily accessible information and support programs to assist people with pain, carers and other supporters, and practitioners to understand and be more proactively involved in managing pain


The program helps the patient work with their GP to manage their pain on a day to day basis. It aims to educate the patient on

  • What questions to ask
  • Where to go to get further help
  • How to understand the different treatments available to you
  • How to access health services cost effectively and
  • Understand that there are choices you can make that will assist you in reducing pain


It is here to help you, the pain sufferer or carer, to gain the valuable information you need to become a better MANAGER of your pain and make confident choices about your pain management. You will be able to work better with your painWISE pharmacist and other health care professionals.

The PainWISE educational program is evidenced based, up to date, and aligns consistently with educational programs delivered at hospital pain clinics. For more information please speak to our PainWISE trained pharmacists. or visit the PainWISE website via the link below.

Visit the PainWISE website

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