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Pharmacist Direct

What is Pharmacist Direct?

GD Pharmacist Direct is a customer service initiative developed by the Green Dispensary pharmacy group – and in place right now at your local Green Dispensary pharmacy.

GD Pharmacist Direct is a one-on- one, uninterrupted consultation with one of our specially qualified Green Dispensary pharmacists. It is provided at no cost to you, as part of the trusted Green Dispensary professional health care program.

Instead of being kept busy inside of the dispensary, our Pharmacists are now free at an adjoining counter when you need them.

GD Pharmacist Direct is specifically designed to give you opportunity to discuss health related matters with our Pharmacists, one-on-one and uninterrupted, every time you collect your prescription … or anytime you have a specific health issue that concerns you. No problem.

GD Pharmacist Direct is already proving popular with our existing Green Dispensary patients and customers. They love the fact that our Pharmacist is always there, face-to-face ready to help in any way they can.

Yes, things have changed at your local Green Dispensary pharmacy … for the better … for you … thanks to GD Pharmacist Direct.

Our Pharmacists are ‘doubly trained’.

Green Dispensary Pharmacists are ‘double trained’. They are qualified as Bachelor of Pharmacy, of course, but they are also specifically trained as Professional Practitioners of Natural and Nutritional Medicine.

This is particularly important news for customers interested in a more holistic approach to their health and wellbeing.

Trained by the Australian College of Environmental and Nutritional Medicine [ACNEM}, our Green Dispensary Pharmacists can offer you meaningful and qualified advice regarding complementary medicines … the features, the benefits and importantly, how they may interact with your prescription medication.

Having been specially trained, our pharmacists can also dispense a special range of ‘practitioner-only’ natural and nutritional products. These products are simply not available at most pharmacies in South Australia.

So if you or your doctor feel there is a need for you to take a higher than normal dose of [say] Vitamin D or Vitamin B12, then your local Green Dispensary pharmacy is not far away.

For further information

The Green Dispensary is not like other pharmacies. Feel free to chat to any of our pharmacists about the professional services that the Green Dispensary can offer its customers.

You will be pleasantly surprised.