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cup-of-tea2Our naturopath visits Green Dispensary Stirling, Blackwood and Erindale each week. Please call to check consultation times.

top-arrow-1374591 General Information

Whilst all members of the Green Dispensary team have had special training in the features and benefits of our products and services, if you find our naturopath out in the pharmacy, feel free to have a chat to them. They will be happy to talk about any of the wide range of natural and nutritional products that your Green Dispensary has to offer. This general information is free – and brought to you in the interests of better community health.

top-arrow-1374591 Personal Primary Consultation

This one-on-one personal consultation takes 1 full hour. It is conducted in the pharmacy, although special care is taken to ensure the conversation is confidential.

Our naturopath will discuss your general health, well-being and recent history. This is an in-depth conversation so it is expected to bring to the fore any issues that you may have [or may not know you have].

Working with you, the Green Dispensary naturopath may suggest lifestyle changes that are targeted to your specific needs [and those of your body!].

You will find the hour interesting and very helpful in maintaining your well-being, vigor and vitality.

top-arrow-1374591 Secondary Personal Consultation

As a follow-up to the Primary Consultation, this Secondary Consultation will take 1/2 hour. You and the naturopath will note your general progress and discuss specific issues that you may have with the treatment that has been suggested.

You will find the naturopath’s support and guidance valuable.

top-arrow-1374591 Appointments

Appointments are necessary. Naturopath consultation fee applicable but health fund rebates apply.