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Australia’s first pharmacist / diabetes educator, right here in the Adelaide Hills

Introducing Kirrily Chambers
What is so special about a Credentialled Diabetes Educator?
Some facts about diabetes from Kirrily
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kiriilyDid you know that our Health Services Manager, Kirrily Chambers, is the first person in Australia to be qualified both as a Pharmacist AND as a Credentialled Diabetes Educator? As such, Kirrily is able to give qualified advice on matters relating to type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, gestational diabetes and pre-diabetes. Kirrily is based at our Green Dispensary Pharmacy in Blackwood.

top-arrow-1374591What is so special about a Credentialled Diabetes Educator?

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, you will be well aware that you need on-going support in both the education and management of your diabetes. Credentialled Diabetes Educators have experience and expertise in diabetes education, and have formally committed to professional development and ongoing learning. Credentialled Diabetes Educators already hold a professional health care qualification (eg pharmacist) and have completed a post graduate certificate in diabetes education. Before gaining recognition as a Credentialled Diabetes Educator, they must complete a minimum number of clinical practice hours, participate in a mentoring partnership and have a referee report on external competencies.

top-arrow-1374591Some facts about diabetes from Kirrily

Australia is facing a diabetes epidemic. In excess of 1 million people in Australia have diabetes. Every day, 275 people develop diabetes. The ageing population and the rising prevalence of obesity are major contributors to this epidemic. In addition to those diagnosed with diabetes, a further 17% of the Australian population over 25 years of age have impaired glucose metabolism placing them at high risk of developing diabetes and heart disease. Between 5 and 10% of pregnancies are affected by gestational diabetes with consequences for both the infant and future health of the mother. Poorly managed diabetes may lead to devastating complications.

top-arrow-1374591Your Medicare Claim

As a Credentialled Diabetes Educator, Kirrily is formally recognised by Medicare, Veteran Affairs and private health insurers. Fees are claimable*. This recognition offers reassurance to people with diabetes, their families, carers and other health providers that they will receive consistent advice and service.

top-arrow-1374591For further information and appointments

Residents of the Adelaide Hills who have been diagnosed with diabetes, or who have a predisposition to the disease, or other interested parties, are invited to phone or call in to one of our Green Dispensary Pharmacies. Contact details and our opening hours are available here.

*Check details with your health insurer.