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Not all pharmacies are created equal

Professional pharmacist and qualified holistic advice
Practitioner-only’ vitamins and supplements

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Unlike other pharmacies, the Green Dispensary employs pharmacists who are qualified as Bachelor of Pharmacy AND also at the Australian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine [ACNEM].

As Practitioners of Natural and Nutritional Medicine, our pharmacists can offer genuine, qualified advice regarding complementary medicine… the features, the benefits and how they may interact with your prescription medicines.

Beyond that, our Green Dispensary team members are well trained in the features of individual products. So a friendly chat with them will be constructive and informative for you. Even so, our team members are well aware of when it is important that you speak directly to one of our ACNEM qualified pharmacists.

Consider that – pharmacists who are qualified not only as professional pharmacists but also as Practitioners of Natural and Nutritional Medicines. It seems that not all pharmacies are created equal!

top-arrow-1374591 ‘Practitioner-only’ vitamins and supplements

Apart from our full range of vitamins, minerals, herbs and supplements, The Green Dispensary pharmacy is registered to offer a wide range of ‘practitioner-only’ natural and nutritional products. Only a few pharmacies in South Australia are able to do this.

Our ACNEM qualified pharmacists and our naturopath are all qualified to recommend and dispense these products.