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Customers of The Green Dispensary are offered a real choice not found at many pharmacies. Apart from dispensing conventional pharmacy medication, The Green Dispensary group also offers custom compounded medication. Like conventional medication, some custom compounded medication requires a doctor’s prescription. As the term implies, ‘custom compounded’ medication is made specifically for the needs of an individual patient. Custom compounding requires the pharmacist to specifically measure, prepare, mix, assemble, package and label a drug or medication for that patient. The Green Dispensary group of pharmacies has invested heavily in unique laboratory facilities and compounding equipment.

So arguably, The Green Dispensary is now able to cater for all custom compounding needs of South Australians.

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29The Green Dispensary Compounding Pharmacy provides each Green Dispensary community pharmacy with custom compounded medication for their customers. The Green Dispensary compounding facility is centrally located in the Adelaide suburb of Norwood. It has been purpose built and boasts state-of-the-art equipment, including a sterile preparation area tested to comply with relevant standards (NATA). It is the only dedicated compounding pharmacy in South Australia and one of only a few in Australia.

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IMG_3568The Green Dispensary Compounding Pharmacy sets the standards for others to follow. Customers can feel comfortable in the knowledge that The Green Dispensary ‘Code of Practice’ sets standards that are second to none. The code documents policies and procedures under these following headings – Professional Care, Ingredient Standards, Operational Policies & Procedures and customer service.

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The Green Dispensary Compounding Pharmacy sets the standards for others to follow.


This section of The Green Dispensary Code of Practice deals with professional qualification standards, responsibilities and authority in the compounding laboratory. In short, registered pharmacists [with postgraduate qualification in pharmaceutical compounding] have total control and responsibility for the preparation of your medication.


In keeping with the standards set in the ‘Code of Practice’, The Green Dispensary Compounding Pharmacy assesses all Certificates of Analysis accompanying incoming raw materials and when necessary, ensures that imported ingredients are analysed by an independent, registered analytical laboratory. At all times The Green Dispensary Compounding Pharmacy seeks to use ingredients from Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) suppliers approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) or the USA Food & Drug Administration (FDA).


The compounding processes and procedures at the Green Dispensary are unambiguous. There is clear and concise documentation for every compounded prescription dispensed.


The prime aim of The Green Dispensary Compounding Pharmacy is to work in unison with all Green Dispensary community pharmacies and allied health professionals, to achieve a better health outcome for the patient. The Green Dispensary group provides excellence in service to their customers, actively and consistently.

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thumb_200x200_1370152The Green Dispensary custom compounded medication is ideal for patients who are unable to obtain suitable ‘off the shelf’ medication. Perhaps the patient’s doctor has prescribed a tailored dosage, or the patient prefers natural, bio-identical ingredients to synthetic, or the medication has been discontinued in the packaged form. The patient may also request that the medication is prepared as a capsule, cream, gel, troche [lozenge], pessary, suppository, nasal spray, injection or other mode of drug delivery.

Working as one, The Green Dispensary group of pharmacies is committed to the highest levels of professional expertise and service.