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GD Oligopeptide Wrinkle Cream
GD Intensive Repair Cream
GD Moisturising Cream
GD Eczema Cream
GD Psoriasis Cream

The Green Dispensary Compounding Pharmacy has developed a new and exciting range of skin care products. They are available only at the Green Dispensary pharmacies.

top-arrow-1374591GD Oligopeptide Wrinkle Cream

wrinkleGD Oligopeptide Wrinkle Cream. Containing 3 peptides. Has a cutting edge, cosmeceutical strength formula including a new generation of peptides called ‘matrikines’. Compare and save.

$50.00 20g.

top-arrow-1374591GD Intensive Repair Cream

intensiveGD Intensive Repair Cream. Soothes and repairs. Restores moisture and hydration to the skin with a special formula that contains a natural root extract. Can be used safely on face or hands.

$32.95 100g. $33.95 100g tube.

top-arrow-1374591GD Moisturising Cream

daily_moistTreats & helps to prevent dry skin. Contains bio-flavonoids and natural grape seed oil, a rich source of anti-oxidant. Easily absorbed by the skin. Ideal for body & face.

$9.95 100g. $10.95 100g tube.

top-arrow-1374591GD Eczema Cream

eczemaCan be used on children and babies. Contains Vitamin B12, allantoin and avocado oil for easy spreading. Continuous use of topical Vitamin B12 is safe and effective.

$29.95 50g.

top-arrow-1374591GD Psoriasis Cream

psoriasisFor plaque Psoriasis and atopic dermatitis. Inhibits production of inflammatory substances called Cytokines. Contains Vitamin B12 and avocado oil for easy spreading on the skin.

$49.95 50g.