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What is the Green Card?
How does the Green Card work?
What are the benefits for you?

top-arrow-1374591What is the Green Card?

To say thank you for shopping at The Green Dispensary, we offer our customers the popular Green Card frequent shopper program. Next time you come into The Green Dispensary, you will be offered a Green Card membership.

top-arrow-1374591How does the Green Card work?

It is easy! Simply keep your Green Card in your purse or wallet. Every time you spend $10 or more at your local Green Dispensary pharmacy, our friendly staff will stamp your Green Card. Every time we stamp it, you will be working towards your Green Card $20 gift voucher.

top-arrow-1374591What are the benefits for you?

Once you have just 20 stamps on your Green Card, we will present you with a $20 gift voucher to spend at The Green Dispensary on anything you like. No ifs, no buts, no catches. You could spoil yourself with a personal treat or simply put it towards a regular pharmacy purchases. Please see your Green Card for full details (offer excludes prescription items).

However, thats not all … along the way to your Green Card $20 gift voucher you will receive another free offer … like a $5 Vitamin Voucher.

It costs nothing the Green Dispensary Green Card … so why not join today?